Bam Margera Weds Girlfriend Nicole Boyd On Stage During Icelandic Rock Concert

Concert review: Ghost and Skeletonwitch haunt the Newport Music Hall (Photos)

By Ethan Sacks / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Tuesday, October 8, 2013, 4:41 PM Bam Margera via YouTube Bam Margera and Nicole Boyd get married on stage Saturday in Iceland. In what may be his greatest stunt ever, Jackass star Bam Margera tied the knot Saturday – on stage in the middle of an Icelandic heavy metal concert. The 34-year-old skateboarder turned TV daredevil posted video of himself marrying longtime girlfriend Nicole Boyd on stage at the Random Hero Festival – and shared the moment with fans by posting the video on YouTube. Bam Margera via YouTube The bride wore a low-cut white dress; the groom was less resplendent in a torn purple and black cape. Kevin Winter/Getty Images Actor Bam Margera (l.) and Nicole Boyd arrive at the Hollywood premiere of the movie,’The Last Stand,’ in January. As soon thenuptialswere over, Margera joined his band, F–kface Unstoppable to belt out some tunes. PHOTOS: SHHH! SECRET CELEBRITY WEDDINGS The concert benefitted a local skating park in Reykjavik, Iceland, E! Online reported. Its the second marriage for Margera, who was hitched to childhood friend Missy Rothsein in 2007 and officially divorced last year.

The crowd at the Random Hero Festival give the newlyweds a standing ovation.

A union leader told Reuters he was optimistic the two sides could reach a permanent deal by Friday. The dispute hangs on whether the stagehands – mostly prop-makers, carpenters and electricians – should have a role in a new educational wing that the Carnegie Hall Corp plans to open above the hall next year. The corporation wants to hire cheaper labor at the education wing. Negotiations with the union took an unprecedented turn on Wednesday when Local 1 of the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees decided to go on strike for the first time in the history of Carnegie Hall. However, when James Claffey, president of Local 1, emerged from negotiations on Thursday afternoon, he announced the union had agreed to pull down the picket line for the day, citing progress in the talks. “This is a goodwill gesture towards Carnegie Hall,” said Claffey, whose local has negotiated some of the most lucrative pay in the industry. He later said further progress had been made, and that even though picketing would continue, he hoped to reach a deal by Friday. Carnegie Hall’s five full-time stagehands make an average of $400,000 per year including benefits, The New York Times reported, citing the organization’s tax returns. Claffey said there were many more stagehands represented by the union who work only sporadically. “This dispute is not about those employees,” Claffey said. “This is about everyone else. These are middle class employees.” The strike forced Carnegie Hall to cancel a performance by the Philadelphia Orchestra with violinist Joshua Bell.

Carnegie Hall concert goes on, after strike canceled performance

The band is too heavy to be labeled simply as thrash and theres nowhere near enough orchestration in their sound to even think of calling them black metal. If they were forced to be defined by a label, it would be death metal; however, drummer Dustin Boltjes, bassist Evan Linger, and guitarists Nate Garnette and Scott Hedrick each add a surprising amount of swing into the mix. Make no mistake: Skeletonwitch is just as brutal as any other band on the scene and theres no fear of them becoming a Grateful Dead-styled jam band, but they dont play fast and heavy just for the sake of playing fast and heavy. Theyre not confined by the draconian boundaries of traditional death metal. It was hard to tell if all the thought that goes into Skeletonwitchs music was appreciated by the crowd however. Mosh pits in sizes usually reserved for headliners erupted all over the floor when the band tore into gems such as Repulsive Salvation and Cleaver of Souls. It was like watching the hordes of zombies in ‘World War Z’ destroy everything in their path. The band probably already had a lot of fans in attendance to see their semi-homecoming (there were plenty of Skeletonwitch t-shirts and sweatshirts on display in the crowd), but they no doubt gained many, many more last night. By the time Ghost hit the stage, the venue was about three-fourths full. Not bad for a band with only two albums and no radio airplay, not to mention they were just here a little over four and a half months ago at Rock On The Range 2013 (read my review of the concert here ). This band, however, is much more suited for the dark claustrophobic interior of the Newport Music Hall than the bright sunny outdoors. They still put on a hell of a show, albeit a very brief one, at Rock On The Range, but they were definitely out of their element there. Not last night though.