Discontent Brewing Under The Hollywood Sign

The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star, 29, arrived at the Hollywood nightclub Tru just after midnight with a large group of friends Monday night that included her best friend Malika Haqq and rapper The Game (real name: Jayceon Terrell Taylor). Clad in black skinny jeans, a T-shirt and a satin bomber jacket embroidered with the word “Girls,” Kardashian who recently revealed her estranged husband Lamar Odom, 33, is very depressed stuck close to Haqq throughout the night while hanging out at a table. “She seemed really uncomfortable,” an onlooker tells PEOPLE. “She was constantly playing with her hair with her left hand almost as if to show off that she was wearing her wedding ring. It seemed very intentional.” Sipping on a vodka cranberry and a glass of champagne throughout the night, Kardashian bobbed her head to the music and whispered occasionally with The Game, though “there wasn’t anything that made the two look like they were anything more than friends,” adds the source. Just after 2 a.m., the reality star who gamely posed for fan photos inside the club headed out with her entourage. Later, Kardashian fired off a series of Tweets about love. PHOTOS: Khloe Kardashian & Lamar Odom: Their Marriage Ups and Downs “Not all scars can be seen and not all love can be explained. The deepest love is also the hardest to express. Only those in it, understand,” she wrote . She followed it with , “If I love u. Its a deep 4ever love.

Hollywood’s Stars Go Burglar Chic

The shorts film programs have been grouped by genres and themes many of which connect back to the Celebrate Hollywood and CineCause Spotlight. Docs Exploring Culture all offer a rare glimpse into our culture, past, present and future. (Asia One, Do Not Duplicate, Sleeping with Suri), CineCause Youth and Consequences embrace kids as the future, how we treat them, teach them and respect them will have a direct impact on all of us, for better or for worse. (Children Next Door, School’s Out, Slave Queen), Narrative Dependency focuses on complicated relationships and for the heroes in this program dependency proves difficult to overcome. (The Bright Side, Cash for Gold, Home, Six Letter Word), European Film Showcase Transitions offers change as a good thing, but as we see with these characters, their next chapter is full of surprises, some more rewarding than others (Avant Que De Tout Perde, The Golden Bough, Wannabes), Family Growing Up is all about children and coming of age. From superpowers to imagination, role playing to fighting off bullies, it’s all part of the package. (Learning to Fly, Lucy, The Scenes, The Swimmer), Animation Adaptation showcases Science achievement and medicine which often converge to push the boundaries for living creatures and their environment (The Collector’s Gift, Day 6011, Feral, Rescue, Vengeance+ Vengeance), Student – Identity Crisis highlight stories about identity. Are we honest with ourselves, and with each other? Who, or what, do we love? (Iris, Home, Josephine & the Roach, Paulie) Shorts and Feature filmmakers will have an opportunity to participate in the new Hollywood Network program, sponsored by FilmLA; a series of round table discussions between independent filmmakers and Hollywood industry professionals. “The industry is always looking to discover emerging new talent,” says Fitzgerald. “Hollywood Network gives both Filmmaker and Executive the opportunity to meet and form relationships through a festival experience.” This is yet another step in HFF efforts to “bridge the gap” between established Hollywood and the global creative community, an original mission of the festival. Selected Industry Participants include: Producer Laura Bickford (Traffic), David Dinerstein along with reps from: Gravidi, Paradigm, Showtime, Preferred Content, CAA, and Chill. In addition to the onsite opportunities for Arclight audiences to get involved with the causes reflected in the CineCause films, a unique video App Gravidi ( http://gravidi.com ) – that offers users hot spots to learn more about projects and related causes, with a donation platform, will support the shorts and features highlighted in the CineCause Spotlight ( http://www.causecinema.com ). Gravidi, Inc. has developed patented interactive technology with offices in Los Angeles and Baltimore. (Shorts utilizing this platform will include: Asia One, Mountains Will Move, Children Next Door, Schools Out, Running Blind and Slave Queen). MISSION AND OBJECTIVE The Hollywood Film Festival bridges the gap between established Hollywood and the global creative community, providing an avenue of discovery for emerging filmmakers. MORE ABOUT THE FESTIVAL The Festival will initiate a series of meetings between independent filmmakers and industry professionals, through the Hollywood Network program. And with an aim toward promoting philanthropy and social awareness, HFF engineered the “Hollywood Gives Back” project to showcase the industry’s artists who have supported a variety of important causes around the world.

Residents say many of the canyon roads dead-end, and there have been accidents as tourists try to turn around. “It’s hard for us to manage our daily lives now,” Reichenbach said. Beachwood Canyon and Hollywoodland residents have been at odds in the past over how best to deal with the increased traffic. They clashed two years ago when Hollywoodland installed signs directing visitors away from one neighborhood and into the other. But they are now working together, their leaders say. Los Angeles Councilman Tom LaBonge , who represents the area, believes the problems would be lessened if the tour companies would park at the Griffith Observatory to view the sign. “I absolutely do support people visiting here from around the world,” LaBonge said. “But the impact on the neighborhood has been great.” Amid the debate, it was a summer of discontent below the Hollywood sign. The fliers, the work of a group calling itself Beachwood Homeowners Against Tourism Infestation, was meant to be a spoof on the Hollywood sign debate, which has grown so intense that some residents have put up large “LaBonge continues to endanger lives in our canyon” posters in front of their homes. “Some people are not getting the joke. They don’t get the satire. They’re just too myopic to see through themselves,” said the flier’s author, a Hollywood producer/writer who declined to identify himself out of fear of reprisals.

Hollywood Film Festival Unveils Shorts Lineup

Dressed in their finest black-and-white stripes, all that these celebs need are a black mask and a bag of cash to be mistaken for burglars. Julianne Hough dressed down in a black-and-white striped top and ripped blue jeans for dinner at Ago in L.A. on Monday night, while Hailee Steinfeld was in London at the “Ender’s Game” Q&A wearing her bank robber stripes in the form of a skirt and long-sleeve crop top. Jessica Alba stepped out rocking a black-and-white striped jacket over a black form-fitting dress in New York back in September. And Miranda Kerr rocked her stripes in a maxi dress in New York back in August. Kris Jenner was all smiles wearing the stripes trend that she paired with a black cardigan and red heels in July. But it’s not just the women cashing in on the look. Even the men are getting in on the action! Check out the vid to see which soulful singer has given his spin to the black-and-white trend in stripes, and be sure to tune in to “omg! Insider” on TV tonight for the latest in entertainment news. Arts & Entertainment Take a look at Us Weekly’s most-read stories — including Kris Jenner’s separation from husband Bruce Jenner after 22 years of marriage — from Tuesday, Oct. 8 Us Weekly Jay Z’s Roc Nation signs Wardell, an indie-folk band comprised of two of Steven Spielberg’s kids, Theo and Sasha Spielberg Us Weekly LOS ANGELES (AP) The three adult children of radio host Casey Kasem have filed a legal petition to gain control of his health care.