Hollywood A-list Turns Out In Force For China’s Version Of The Oscars

They realize that the wake of a Lonegan victory over Booker in New Jersey will cause a tsunami impacting the national political landscape. Aside from contributing to a Republican majority in the Senate after the 2014 elections, a Lonegan victory means that when conservatism is confidently articulated it resonates with voters. Folks, I am talkin’ Obama’s worst nightmare. Democrat pundits and their co-conspirators in the media pound us daily with the false narrative that a majority of Americans have embraced their liberal agenda. Conservatives are portrayed as the odd man out. Lonegan boldly proclaims the contrary, stating that the vast majority of Americans are conservative. Some say the Democrat/liberal media tag team is too powerful and well-funded. My reply is I love my country far too much to roll over and surrender. Lonegan’s amazing surge confirms that anything is possible when We The People are fully engaged. Dr Wayne Dyer said something years ago which has stuck with me. I paraphrase, “No one can predict the future or knows enough to be a pessimist.” I can truly testify to the validity of this truth. Countless times when it appeared that all was lost, God intervened. An unanticipated solution, off my radar, a change of events appeared out of nowhere, to save the day. Life experiences have taught me to focus my energy on doing everything I can do; rooted in righteousness, truth and love.

Hollywood Trying to Buy it for Booker

Mischer has produced or directed three Academy Award shows, two Olympics opening ceremonies, several Super Bowl halftime shows and the 2009 Obama Inaugural Celebration in Washington, D.C. In a pre-show chat with THR, Mischersaid Global Talents has ambitions to take the HuadingAwards to Los Angeles in the summer of 2014 and he is in ongoing discussions about working with them on a U.S. edition. He described Mondays show as a first step in bringing the Hollywood and international arts community into the Chinese event. The stars understand that this is a huge market and they are brands, Mischer said. This is an opportunity to reach that new market, which supposedly is going to be the number one market in the world soon — theres no question that people in our business want to connect to the audience here. Ill go wherever the work is and wherever the people [who watch films] are to say thank you, said Worthington, who remains a major star in China, thanks to Avatar, still the highest grossing film in the country ever, at $221.9 million. The worlds tiny and it’s getting smaller, he added backstage after receiving his best global action movie actor prize. PHOTOS: Studios’ New Box Office Pain: Homegrown Films Are Beating Tentpoles Overseas The event indeed showcased a remarkable diversity of backgrounds and talent. From the Chinese industry Jackie Chan, Wong Kar Wai, John Woo each took the stage to present or receive awards. Musical segments ranged from performances by K-Pop star Steve Yoo, Japanese-Brazillian bossa nova singer Lisa Ono, Avril Lavigne (Huadings best global singer), who performed her hits Girlfriend and Heres to Never Growing Up, along with an impassioned song from the winner of the best traditional Chinese opera singer category. With a few small logistical delays and no cap on acceptance speech lengths, the show ran nearly four hours.Translations of the proceedings were intermittent. Stepping behind the podium late in the night to receive her best global actress in motion pictures trophy, Nicole Kidman thanked the crowd and said, I havent understood all of it, but Ive had a great time being a spectator. She added that she hopes to come back and make a film in China — and to show her daughters the country someday.

Deadline Hollywood’s Long Island Film Bureau Heads West Next Month

My wifes decision to stay put was brilliant. She is first generation Italian and has as close knit a family as I do. My kids grew up with all their cousins. I got to cover a great business while achieving any fathers dream. I watched my three children grow up and was there for every significant moment. I coached their soccer teams; I made every game, saw every dance recital, attended every school play, put money under the pillow for every lost tooth. I cant say how many times I would tell an agent or studio executive to hold on while I reeled in a fish on the boat. I always felt I was getting away with something. My oldest daughter is 23 and lives in Boston, my son is busy at college and my youngest is a self-sufficient high school junior consumed with her cross country time. It feels like a good time for a new adventure. All these years when I took week long LA trips by myself, Id pack in 30 meetings and go all hours, a pace I will do my best to replicate.