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New digs: Russell Brand has shelled out $2.2 million to make a hefty Hollywood Hills mansion his own, marking his first sizable real estate move since split from Katy Perry Moving on up: The 38-year-old funnyman – pictured here performing at Birmingham Symphony Hall on Monday – will have five bedrooms to float around in Brand will have plenty of room to entertain his famous friends, as Trulia reports, with 4,800 square feet to swim around in and plenty of staircases to scale in the multi-story space. And if guests don’t feel like driving back down the sharp hillside after a night at the comedian’s new bachelor pad, there are five bedrooms and just as many bathrooms to choose from. The stunning home was restored by Selden Price, an architect known for his expertise in reviving period properties. The living spaces and many of the interior doorways feature attractive gothic inspired arched ceilings, maintaining the feel of the era the property was built. Brand will be able to treat his friends to viewing parties of his taped comedy appearances, as the mansion comes with a sizable cinema featuring lengthy black leather couches and a state-of-the-art screen. Also lending to the property’s suitability for entertaining are the sprawling balconies, with ample space to mingle and look out across the entire city of Los Angeles. Good references: The LA Times has reported that the home used to be owned by Laurence Olivier Room for friends: The house boasts 4,800 square feet for the British born comedian to roam around in Space to think: The prime piece of real estate is perched on a hill and looks out over Los Angeles His very own balcony could be the perfect date spot if he’s looking to fill in the space his ex-wife Katy Perry left. Katy, meanwhile, is still in the process of offloading the property they purchased together for $5.988 million while they were a couple. Forbes is reporting that the Roar singer is having so much trouble selling the place – which she initially listed for $6.925 million – that she has now slashed the price by over a million dollars. Restored: The mansion was built in 1926 and has since been restored by famous architect Selden Price Breakfast time: The kitchen features an island bench and a rather epic view of the city Come and stay: There are five bedrooms and just as many bathrooms if guests would like to come and stay She is now asking $5.88 million for the Hollywood Hills mansion, and she reportedly wants it in cash. Heidi Klum and Martin Kristen were said to have checked out the property in August, but it seems they passed. But Katy – who has moved on to John Mayer in the love department – has gone ahead and upgraded even more than extravagantly than her ex-husband, recently picking up a new pad for a breezy $11.2 million.

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Sent! A link has been sent to your friend’s email address. Join the Nation’s Conversation To find out more about Facebook commenting please read the Conversation Guidelines and FAQs John Lennon’s star on Hollywood Walk of Fame defaced Elysa Gardner, USA TODAY 10:15 a.m. EDT October 8, 2013 Scribbled toadstool and other graffiti now mar late ex-Beatle’s spot. John Lennon’s star has been defaced. (Photo: The Hollywood Reporter) SHARE 29 CONNECT 14 TWEET COMMENTEMAILMORE It’s been posited that nothing is sacred in show biz these days. Now there’s proof, in the form of a defaced star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, belonging to a certain late ex-Beatle. When Gillian Lomax, an alumna of the KLOS radio program Breakfast with the Beatles, went to check out John Lennon’s spot on the storied Walk last Saturday, she discovered that vandals had scribbled and smeared graffiti there including an image of a spotted toadstool, a smiley face and such profound reflections as “Blackbird…Rain was here.” “Morons did it,” Lomax told The Hollywood Reporter . “Rather tacky. There was a group of them, judging from the different colored pens. I tried to rub it out, but to no avail.” Happily, after Lomax alerted Steve Marinucci of, Marinucci alerted Ana Martinez of the Walk of Fame, who saw to it that employees were out by Monday morning, working to erase the damage. It’s hoped that Lennon’s star will be spotless by 6 p.m.

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It just sort of happened and luckily for me, most people were unaware I was doing it. It started when I was a gossip reporter at New York Newsday and heard that a movie about the guys who created Woodstock fell apart because its stars Ralph Macchio and Emilio Estevez couldnt agree whose name should go first. I tracked down the producer, Peter Bart, who listened to my version, paused, and said, that is absolutely true. I didnt know who he was, but I made sure we had a nice chat every time I discovered a Hollywood story. It was only when he took the Weekly Variety job that I learned about his exploits as a journalist and a studio exec who played an integral role in my favorite film The Godfather. For a Long Island-raised wannabe journalist, working at Newsday seemed like the dream, but it wasnt. I grew up there alongside tabloid giants like Mike McAlary, Jim Dwyer, Peter King, Murray Kempton and Jimmy Breslin, but as the gossip guy I was eyed as the man only when the task was revealing a romantic breakup or chronicling a fist fight at a party. I became Peters first reporter hire at Weekly Variety, back when it was a messy read, and you walked away with inky hands. We overhauled it, I started a column called Buzz and broke a lot of feisty scoops. We started a section called Missing Persons, designed like the back of a milk carton. I chased down formerly prominent Hollywood people who fit the description of, hey, whatever happened to that guy? Getting a call from me became like an embrace from the Grim Reaperone director told me I exacerbated his cancer, though he later thanked me for helping put him back in the social map. I was surrounded in that New York office by journalistic anarchists like J. Max Robins, David Kissinger, John Brodie and, from LA, guys like Charles Fleming. We took outrageous chances, laughed all day and pushed as far as Peter and his number two editor Caroline Miller would allow us.

8, 2013 /PRNewswire/ –The Hollywood Film Festival’s Executive Director Jon Fitzgerald has announced the 23 short films chosen for competition at the annual fest, which kicks off its 2013 season on October 18th at the ArcLight Cinemas in Hollywood. With the establishment of new programs, themes and events, Fitzgerald will enhance the mandate of “bridging the gap” between established Hollywood and the film industry, an original mission of the Festival now in its 17th year. The shorts film programs have been grouped by genres and themes many of which connect back to the Celebrate Hollywood and CineCause Spotlight. Docs Exploring Culture all offer a rare glimpse into our culture, past, present and future. (Asia One, Do Not Duplicate, Sleeping with Suri), CineCause Youth and Consequences embrace kids as the future, how we treat them, teach them and respect them will have a direct impact on all of us, for better or for worse. (Children Next Door, School’s Out, Slave Queen), Narrative Dependency focuses on complicated relationships and for the heroes in this program dependency proves difficult to overcome. (The Bright Side, Cash for Gold, Home, Six Letter Word), European Film Showcase Transitions offers change as a good thing, but as we see with these characters, their next chapter is full of surprises, some more rewarding than others (Avant Que De Tout Perde, The Golden Bough, Wannabes), Family Growing Up is all about children and coming of age. From superpowers to imagination, role playing to fighting off bullies, it’s all part of the package. (Learning to Fly, Lucy, The Scenes, The Swimmer), Animation Adaptation showcases Science achievement and medicine which often converge to push the boundaries for living creatures and their environment (The Collector’s Gift, Day 6011, Feral, Rescue, Vengeance+ Vengeance), Student – Identity Crisis highlight stories about identity. Are we honest with ourselves, and with each other? Who, or what, do we love? (Iris, Home, Josephine & the Roach, Paulie) Shorts and Feature filmmakers will have an opportunity to participate in the new Hollywood Network program, sponsored by FilmLA; a series of round table discussions between independent filmmakers and Hollywood industry professionals. “The industry is always looking to discover emerging new talent,” says Fitzgerald. “Hollywood Network gives both Filmmaker and Executive the opportunity to meet and form relationships through a festival experience.” This is yet another step in HFF efforts to “bridge the gap” between established Hollywood and the global creative community, an original mission of the festival. Selected Industry Participants include: Producer Laura Bickford (Traffic), David Dinerstein along with reps from: Gravidi, Paradigm, Showtime, Preferred Content, CAA, and Chill. In addition to the onsite opportunities for Arclight audiences to get involved with the causes reflected in the CineCause films, a unique video App Gravidi ( ) – that offers users hot spots to learn more about projects and related causes, with a donation platform, will support the shorts and features highlighted in the CineCause Spotlight ( ). Gravidi, Inc. has developed patented interactive technology with offices in Los Angeles and Baltimore. (Shorts utilizing this platform will include: Asia One, Mountains Will Move, Children Next Door, Schools Out, Running Blind and Slave Queen). MISSION AND OBJECTIVE The Hollywood Film Festival bridges the gap between established Hollywood and the global creative community, providing an avenue of discovery for emerging filmmakers. MORE ABOUT THE FESTIVAL The Festival will initiate a series of meetings between independent filmmakers and industry professionals, through the Hollywood Network program. And with an aim toward promoting philanthropy and social awareness, HFF engineered the “Hollywood Gives Back” project to showcase the industry’s artists who have supported a variety of important causes around the world.

Russell Brand shells out $2.2M for elegant Hollywood Hills mansion… as Katy Perry struggles to sell their marital home

Restored: The mansion was built in 1926 and has since been restored by famous architect Selden Price

Forty years later, Hollywood still shows remarkable forbearance toward its errant talent. Consider the tragedy of Canadian-born Cory Monteith. To be sure, the tearful tribute scheduled for Thursday nightas episode of Glee is no doubt inevitable. Monteith had made lovable jock Finn Hudson an endearing character on the hit Fox series. But the circumstances of his July death still throw a bleak shadow over this televised memorial: The final coroneras report confirmed that Calgary-born, Victoria-raised Monteith was shooting heroin and drinking champagne when he died in a Vancouver hotel room the night of July 12. This week, Time magazine commentator David Sheff rightly worried about the probability of romanticizing what he bluntly described as aa ghastly, lonely deatha and of sanitizing the details. But beyond that, there are valid questions about how the entertainment industry responds to the recurring problem of substance abuse within its ranks and its frequent readiness to look the other way until matters spin out of control. This, after all, is a culture that accommodated River Phoenixas descent into a drug-induced death on a sidewalk outside Johnny Deppas Viper Club and turned a blind eye to Kelsey Grammeras booze problem until the star of TVas Frasier totalled his car and ended up in the Betty Ford rehabilitation centre. In the case of Monteith, whose drug problems began in his early teens, there was some evidence of caring. Glee creator Ryan Murphy and Monteithas fellow cast members mounted a rescue mission last spring to get him into rehab. But the intervention proved sadly futile, a case possibly of too little, too late.