Music Review: Kenny Rogers Offers Something A Little Different On ‘you Can’t Make Old Friends’

Beats acquired MOG, a music streaming service, more than a year ago, when it was already working on a streaming service or its own. Since MOG already had a functioning service, from a technical point of view, and apps for all major platforms, it’s safe to assume that the reason it took it so long is because getting deals with the music labels is a long and winding process. For launch, Beats Music will offer a web version of the service, as well as Android and iOS apps. A Windows 8 app is said to come at a later date. One of the ways Beats Music will try to differentiate itself is by offering a high level of curation out of the box. You need to start with a great editorial team that has a point of view, but we want to have a situation where we can really scale to the depth of your appetite, Luke Wood, president and COO of Beats, told The Next Web . If you really love music, we want something that can go deep with you for a really long time. And that requires a perfect harmony between the algorithm and human curation. Between the man and the machine. Thousands of playlists centered around artists, music styles, even moods, are being put together to be available at launch. Beats Music is using an editorial team for this, but also algorithms that can generate playlists to your exact preferences. The music streaming world is a highly competitive one, as MOG itself found out, and it remains to be seen whether the Beats brand alone will be enough to carry the service.

The Demise Of The Electric Guitar In Music

The community became enraged after the elementary schools canceled their upcoming Christmas concerts and the school district issued guidelines that curtailed the number of sacred holiday songs the high school choir could perform. Phil Buch, the director of the Wausau West High School choir programs since 1981, told the Wausau Daily Herald that he was given three choices after meeting with school officials about the upcoming yuletide season. What are the legal requirements for boys and girls singing Silent Night? He was told the choirs could perform one sacred song for every five secular songs performed; eliminate all Christmas music or postpone December concerts. He was also reportedly told that the district had to approve every musical selection. Instead, Buch announced that he was temporarily disbanding the schools elite choir. School Board member Pat McKee told me its nothing short of a war on Christmas. When you look at it on the surface, its hard to argue against that train of thought, he said. People are justifiably making that correlation that its a war on Christmas. McKee said he doesnt blame parents, teachers and students for being upset. People should be angry, he said. People are very, very angry, very passionate and rightfully so. The Wausau School District said theres a perfectly good explanation and they pointed out they are not banning all Christmas music. Rather district administration has taken steps to help ensure that religiously-themed music is incorporated into the curriculum and performances in a manner that satisfies legal and educational requirements, read a statement from the district. So what are the legal requirements for boys and girls singing Silent Night? Well, according to the school district, the elite choir was given a choice to sing seasonal and Christmas selections that do not involve the celebration of the religious holiday of Christmas. This approach would allow for the continuation of a holiday theme, the district stated. The second option would involve changing the format of the winter performance to eliminate any reference to Christmas so that the District could not be challenged as unconstitutionally promoting the religious celebration of Christmas through state-sponsored Christmas-caroling. However, the lawyers said it was possible to perform some sacred holiday tunes but only if there was some balance.

One sacred song for every five secular songs? Wisconsin school district cracks down on Christmas music

By Associated Press, Kenny Rogers, You Cant Make Old Friends (Warner Bros.) Kenny Rogers enters his 75th year with an album that blends the familiar with the challenging, seeking new hits and pursuing new ideas even as he enters the Country Music Hall of Fame this fall. Looking for things to do? Select one or more criteria to search Kid-friendly Get ideas His age occasionally shows in the raggedness at the edges of his vocal tone. But Rogers always made the huskiness of his voice work for him, and that holds true through most of these 11 new songs. Impressively, he hits high, forceful notes when required, matching longtime duet partner Dolly Parton on the soaring passages of the wistfully sentimental title tune, which would have fit on any of his solo albums from decades past. On the progressive side, Rogers tackles the struggles of a Mexican immigrant on the Spanish-tinged ballad Dreams Of The San Joaquin; a jaunty Gulf Coast dance tune on Dont Leave Me in the Night Time, featuring accordionist Buckwheat Zydeco; and a complex narrative about fighting darkness in the modern world on Turn This World Around, a duet with young singer-songwriter Eric Paslay. He occasionally reaches too far, as in Merica, certainly the first patriotic tune to reference a spanked child and a drunken uncle. For the most part, though, Rogers proves he can still deliver the romantic ballads and dramatic narratives on which his reputation rests. Copyright 2013 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

An artisan gives finishing touches to an effigy of demon king Ravana in preparation for the upcoming Hindu festival of Dussehra in the northern Indian city of Chandigarh October 8, 2013. The effigies are burnt during the festival which commemorates the triumph of Lord Rama over Ravana, marking the victory of good over evil. REUTERS/Ajay Verma (INDIA - Tags: RELIGION SOCIETY TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY)

icons took jabs at the music industry, petty judges on singing reality competitions and the hypersexualized music videos bombarding audiences today. By Chiderah Monde / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Sunday, October 6, 2013, 12:22 PM Comment Sinead O’Connor name-checked Simon Cowell as a murderer of music in a new interview, following her Miley Cyrus open letter rants. After Sinead O’Connor ripped Miley Cyrus and the music industry for promoting “prostitution,” the Irish singer got even more specific with the name droppingrailing music executives like Simon Cowell for their hand in what she considers the “murder” of music. “I feel sorry for the murder of music and rock ‘n’ roll,” O’Connor, 47, said in an interview with Ireland’s “Late Late Show,” according to E! News. RELATED: SINEAD O’CONNOR FIRES BACK AT MILEY CYRUS AGAIN “Because of Simon Cowell, (and others, like TV music judge) Louis Walsh. It all amounts to the murder of music.” The “Nothing Compares 2 U” singer caused a stir after posting an open letter to Cyrus , 20, on her website, cautioning her not to become a “prostitute” of the music industry. Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images British singer Annie Lennox also slammed new music videos from young female singers as pornography. In the lengthy post Thursday, O’Connor said Cyrus was perpetuating a sexist system in which music execs make money off of talented, but hyper-sexualized women. The motherly gesture wasn’t well received by the “We Can’t Stop” singer, thus igniting a back-and-forth between the two that O’Connor said is now “over.” RELATED: SINEAD OCONNOR TO MILEY CYRUS: DON’T LET THEM ‘PROSTITUTE’ YOU “There’s a certain alarm that needs to be rung and I know there are a lot of musicians around the country and around the world that will agree,” she continued in the TV interview. “The power of rock ‘n’ roll to change things, to move people, is being murdered by all this worship of fame, ‘Pop Idol,’ ‘X Factor,’ all this stuff.” RELATED: MILEY CYRUS HOSTS AND PERFORMS ON SNL The ‘No More I Love You’s’ singer didn’t name Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Britney Spears in her Facebook rant, but alluded to their raunchy new videos as ‘new lows.’ Similarly, musician Annie Lennox appeared to second O’Connor’s concerns, speaking out against the “pornographic” music videos from female singers bombarding the Internet and television in a lengthy Facebook post. Without naming Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Britney Spearswhose recently released music videos have warranted backlash for their racinessLennox, 58, wrote that she is “disturbed and dismayed” at the overt sexuality. RELATED: RIHANNA TWERKS, SWINGS AROUND STRIPPER POLE IN POUR IT UP MUSIC VIDEO “You know the ones I’m talking about,” she wrote. “It seems obvious that certain record companies are peddling highly styled pornography with musical accompaniment.

Sinead O’Connor blasts Simon Cowell for ‘murder of music’; Annie Lennox slams music video ‘pornography’

Every shop (and I mean every single one of them, even those that favored the old hippie crowd) played a modern version of disco with lots of synthesizers, effects and female vocalists, a formula that seems just as ubiquitous as the guitar-based sound of the British Invasion, metal, punk or grunge was in its time only this one doesnt have a guitar in it (or has one thats cleverly disguised as a synthesizer or printed low in the mix). Whats more, none of the bands on the cruise ship carried a guitar player, which was also the case with the musical acts on land at the various ports of call as well. The music I can understand, but downsizing the guitar player? Now just for the record I spent much of my adult life as a professional guitar player, then as a recording engineer and producer, and have a lot of experience working in all genres of music. Im not passing judgement here, and you wont be hearing any music has lost its way speeches from me. I believe that change is healthy and all trends cycle like the pendulum of a old Grandfathers clock slowly all the way to one side, then slowly all the way to the other, then back again. Its neither good nor bad, it just is. Granted, what Ive presented is just a small dose of empirical evidence, which I freely admit, but I have to say that when you visit some shops residing next to Mayan ruins in the jungle of Mexico and theyre playing EDM-laced pop music in the background, you know that things in music have changed big time. I had the same revelation once in the 80s while on tour in Europe. In every shop and mall in Paris, Munich, London and Geneva, you heard Van Halen, The Clash and The Romantics. That was truly the music of the world at the time. Id venture to say that EDM/Pop is the music of the world now and that type of music has little to no electric guitar in it. So all you kids trying to make the decision whether its better to learn how to make beats or join a garage band, choose wisely.